Stitch Please

Introducing Stitch Please, the Black Women Stitch Podcast

Episode Summary

A brief overview of Stitch Please, the Black Women Stitch podcast.

Episode Notes

On radical self love:

Lisa's writing about resisting white supremacy in her backyard:

Our Possibility Models: Teaching what is possible when you embrace your authentic whole self.

Tea with Queen and J.

Toni Morrison
Who never wrote for the white gaze, irrevocably changed the course of literary history by writing for, to, about black people.

The Movement for Black Lives

Episode Transcription

Speaker 1: 00:00 Do you want to connect with other sewing sisters?

Speaker 2: 00:02 Stitch please.

Speaker 1: 00:05 Do you want to hear about some dope sewing projects and learn cool tips along the way?

Speaker 2: 00:10 Stitch please.

Speaker 1: 00:11 Do you want a sewing community free from microaggressions?

Speaker 2: 00:14 Stitch please.

Speaker 3: 00:17 [Singing] Oh, Oh... [Music]

Speaker 4: 00:17

Speaker 1: 00:44 Hello, My name is Lisa Woolfork. I'm a wife, mother, professor, Black Lives Matter organizer in Charlottesville, Virginia. I've also been sewing for the last 25 years. I am the convener of Black Women Stitch, a group of fantastic black sewists. And we are pleased to introduce you to Stitch Please. Stitch please is the Black women Stitch podcast. Black Women Stitch is a values led project that centers black women, girls and femmes in sewing. Stitch Please podcast lifts up and celebrates black women, girls and femmes as we practice the principles of radical self love, black liberation and social justice. We are the sewing group where black lives matter. And unlike mainstream sewing circles, we see color. And we see you. Tune in to Stitch Please and get your stitch together.

Speaker 4: 01:45 [music fades to stitching sound].