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Stash Free Sewing (and Formalwear!) with Patrice J Bridal

Episode Summary

Patrice Johnson is a multimedia marvel with exquisite sewing. And she has a STASH FREE SEWING philosophy! She can count the pieces of her fabric stash on ONE hand. Listen to her stories of formal wear sewing--the triumphs and the trials. Hear how she has always been a "serial entrepreneur", even selling candy (and candy apples) at school! And learn how she came to cherish experiences more than collecting things.

Episode Notes

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Patrice on Instagram 

Defining This Thing series with Patrice and her husband Ian on Instagram

Patrice J Bridal to Rent, Buy, or Create the Dress of your Dreams!

 Defining This Thing video series with Patrice and her husband  on YouTube


Shops Mentioned

Gail K Fabrics

Fine Fabrics

Vogue Fabrics

Textile Discount Outlet

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